Keeping It Real: How To Create An Authentic Juicy Spiritual Life
Your Millionaire Morning: The Mindset, Practices and Routines that Will Make You Rich
Girl Power, Diversity in Children’s Literature and America’s Legacy
La Vida Global: Business and Life Lessons As A Woman Abroad
Black Girls ROCK As Global Citizens
How to Write Your Book in 30 Days
Here Be Dragons: Excellence in Women’s Leadership
Just Do It: Why Generation X is Silent About Its Accomplishments
The Homelanders are Coming: Understanding the Next Generation
Gen-X: The Entrepreneurship Generation and What Millennials Can Learn

How To Book Barrett

EMAIL – info[at]barrettcpowell.com

The Transformed Woman Retreat ( San Diego, CA)

  • January 28, 2019 The Transformed Woman Retreat  (San Diego, CA) A week-long oasis in for high-powered active women of all backgrounds who are feeling lost, burned out and pressured by  questions and situations that seem impossible to solve. Facilitated by a dynamic and compassionate team of five professionals, this small group retreat will offer healing and wholeness through group coaching, individual counseling, yoga, bodywork, journaling, prayer and meditation, spiritual care and opportunity to be in nature


“Thrive!”  (San Diego, CA & Copenhagen, Denmark)

  • Next Date TBA  The full “Thrive” integrative workshop. It will be a day of wisdom and wellbeing, coaching, feng shui, insight, information, yoga, Zumba® Fitness, creative vision work and meditation, all designed to inspire and empower you.
  • Next Date TBA A one-day “Thrive” integrative workshop. It will be a day of wisdom and wellbeing, filled with business topics, personal growth,, yoga and Tai Chi, all designed to inspire and empower you.

“Here Be Dragons” Visioning Workshop (San Diego, CA)

  • Next Date TBA.  Spend two full days taking steps to clarify your gifts, challenges and dreams, then leave the workshop with tools guaranteed to empower you to reach your goals. Come prepared to dream, work hard and have fun!

Presentations (Book me for the following or specially designed topic):

  • “Culture Shock Denmark” – culture shock, expat life in Denmark and effective solutions
  • “C0mmitment” – true adulthood — ages 28-30 — in the 21st century with its socio-economic implications
  • “Opportunity” – redefining and creating life success  between ages 37-44
  • “Legacy” – clarifying your life legacy between ages 49-51
  • “Here Be Dragons” – using vision and conscious thinking in creating better lives, businesses and entrepreneurship

Group Workshops:

Here Be Dragons: Vision Coaching Workshop

San Diego and Copenhagen This is an educational and fun 2-day workshop. It focuses on naming and clarifying professional and personal life goals as well as putting them in concrete form and creating a tool of manifest your dreams. Private groups can be arranged for a group with a minimum of 6 people. To book for your group, send an email to:  coaching (at) barrettcpowell.com

  • We’ll bring supplies.
  • Participants must bring copies of their favorite magazines/photos
  • Refreshments provided.


 This is an energy-filled, 2 day integrative  and intergenerational workshop that brings together insightful lifespan lectures with practical wellbeing. Designed for people in the late 20s all the way through to the early 60s, this is an active event where participants must both focus and interact. There will be yoga, meditation and Tai Chi Chu’an, to accompany the sessions on four specific lifespan periods. We will also do some vision work. This can be arranged for a group size of 6-40.

  • People in or approaching these age groups: 28-30, 37-45, 49-51 and 56-60
  • Understand the emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges of of you particular age group
  • Name and frame your particular life situation
  • Eliminate confusion and find healing
  • Create both clarity and concrete solutions

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