Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons-1Here Be Dragons:

We live in interesting times and what you choose to make of your life is always both interesting and exciting! Do you have a life dream?  Have you lost your vision for your life? Do you struggle with the practical aspects of life while feeling a sense of spiritual dissatisfaction? Is life not what you want it to be?

Then get ready for an empowering two days that will give you the tools to change your life and create a vision for it?

Next workshop: November 2016 in San Diego

Life brings many discoveries, creations, and thrills. Be ready for a rollercoaster as we ride the dragon into new adventures and new visions. As part of this it is time for you to solidify how you can use the symbol of the Dragon to make changes and advancements in your personal and professional life.

I offer  “Here Be Dragons”to empower you to accomplish this.

This is uniquely-designed coaching program integrating vision work and positive psychology will  do just that! Whether you are an entrepreneur or simply a person with a vision for your life that you wish to accomplish, you will achieve your dream through the support of vision coaching.

I work with you as an individual using positive psychology coaching to discover the values and goals important to you, the challenges you face and the resources you have to overcome them. I challenge you to push beyond the imitations you have arranged for yourself. Then I partner with you to guide you in creating your unique vision and making it manifest using a visioning process.

I also work with small groups using this same process. You can learn how to live in the magic of life by creating your own “magical life”, one right with success in the areas you desire and the achievements you desire to make.

“Here Be Dragons” (San Diego) – November 2016

(4 sessions over 2 days)


Price: $99


Lunch included


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