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Speaking Topics

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La Vida Global: 30 Years of Business and Life Lessons As A Woman Abroad
Black Girls ROCK As Global Citizens
Keeping It Real: The Benefits of African-American Women Traveling Overseas
The Impact of Multicultural Children’s Literature on Children of Color
How Reading and Traveling Shapes A Legacy For Children
How to Write Your Children’s Book in 30 Days
Here Be Dragons: Excellence in Women’s Leadership
Just Do It: Why Generation X is Silent About Its Accomplishments
The Homelanders are Coming: Understanding the Next Generation
OvercomingĀ Ageism and Sexism in the Workplace
Bridge the Gap Between Gen X and Gen Y in the Workplace
How Brands Can Earn Gen X and Millennial Loyalty Through Experience Culture
Best Practices for Gen-X and Millennial Co-Workers
Gen-X: The Entrepreneurship Generation and What Millennials Can Learn
How to Transform Your Side Hustle Into Your Fulltime Career
Start-up Marketing, Social Media, and PR Strategies


How To Book Barrett

EMAIL – Ms. Donna Lennon atĀ bcpconsults[at]gmail.com




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