Spiritual Bypassing – Avoiding Truth and Authenticity


Some call it avoidance in holy drag..that drag being meditation, yoga (and yes, obsession with yoga pants etc), writing spiritual books, doing spiritual teaching and other spiritual practices. It is about using these things as excuses to dismiss harm and harmful practices and positions. It is avoidance and a desire to bypass the emotional and physical experience to protect oneself  from feeling uncomfortable and dealing with your pain. Spiritual bypassing blocks dialogue and prevents solutions to problems.

Spirituality being used as a tool to avoid dealing with life’s ugliness is not enlightenment. Complaining about “judgement” when people call you out on your bad and inhumane is not enlightenment; It is spiritual bypassing.

Inauthentic (read; fake) internal harmony and all the meditation, yoga poses, colorful yoga pants, etc. cannot disguise spiritual bypassing. We can use spiritual tools and mindsets to deny or avoid the truth and deny our emotions and situations or worse ye, to deny, denigrate and dismiss the feelings and experiences of other people.

This is like putting a bandage over a gaping, weeping pus-filled wound that needs deep cleansing, disinfection and stitches. It slows down healing and perpetuates denial, which in turn slows and hinders growth.

In short, folks, we all need to deal with out sh*t and the sh*t of the world and not pretend it doesn’t stink.

Let’s get real. Let’s talk about this.




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