Strengthen Your Core. Take the Challenge.

I had not ridden a bicycle in many years. Living in Europe part of the year, you take a lot of public transportation or ride bicycles. I thought I would take a quick 30 minute breeze through the park and be back to flying high on two wheels. Then I discovered I had lost my center of gravity! All those years of not using my core properly and not balancing my body had knocked me off center. I had to take six weeks of 4-hour lessons. I met the challenge and graduated from the cycling certification course and now I can ride a bicycle and steadily control the direction in which I am going. No wobbling, weaving or worse yet, falling on the ground.

Life transitions are challenging because they are about growing. We generations in existence now in the 21st century are people who have the greatest opportunities in the world — greater than any other time. The problem is, we do not always know when and how to take advantage of the best opportunities because we are stuck in our heads, dulled in our spirits, unwell in our bodies and confused in our minds. We lose our CORE. We lose our CENTER. We act as robots in our daily life, missing crucial turning points and pretending we have it all together with a happy-pappy fake Instagram smile on our face where we are pretending to be living a six-figure life of luxury, love and contentment and yet are in truth struggling, depressed, anxious and sad.

I am here to put an end to that “positive thinking” garbage and empower you to make a life where you are not simply happy but JOYFUL. I am here to work with you. using the skills and knowledge I have gained over the years, to live an awesome life, fully conscious of the connection between Spirit and you and you and other people.

In 1998, with a background as a confidence-keeping journalist, certified crisis counselor (sexual assault and domestic violence) and ordained minister/priest, I created the niche of lifespan consulting, working specifically with four ages groups: 28-30 (Commitment – #Millennials), 37-44 (Opportunity – #GenX), 49-51 (Legacy – #GenX) and 56-60 (Wisdom – #BabyBoomers).

I work 1:1 with people in these groups, to live an integrated life and make good decisions which help them to more smoothly get through crucial life periods. At each of these time periods, there are situations and relationships to be considered, decisions to be made and actions to be taken. But when you are in the midst of them, it is difficult to see that you are at crucial turning point, which decisions are facing you and why.

What we do in your lifespan consulting program is deal not only with the general age issues but the specific life situations you are facing. You have a mentor, a cheerleader, a counselor, a teacher and a confidante in me. Together we will breakthrough the walls, conquer the problems, come up with wise solutions to problems and you will strengthen in your ability to make decisions that create a body/mind/spirit wellness within yourself.

I also work with people outside those age groups who want to refine and revamp their #Worklifeblend. The Fresh Start #Worklifeblend approach is better than #worklifebalance and makes more sense in the 21st century.

If you want faster results and want to work intensively, then do a BREAKTHROUGH VIP intensive with me for one day. But this is only for people who see the value in making changes NOW, rather than waiting or staying stuck where they are.

As a result, YES, you will see your income boost. YES you will see yourself become abundant. YES, you will see spiritual, psychological financial, physical, and psychological results in your life that you only once dreamed of. The CHOICE to have these results or not is yours. I am here if you want to work with me on a lifespan program OR a Fresh Start #worklifeblend program OR a #Breakthrough VIP intensive program.

I have been doing this now for nearly 20 years, healing, empowering and adding great value to thousands of people’s lives through 1:1 lifespan consulting programs, group workshops, special events and online courses. I love my clients. YES, I do LOVE my clients. Each one such human being is a special spiritual being who deserves to be healed, whole and abundant.
Do you have ONE MORE HOUR to waste struggling in the deadly quicksand of a life that is not working for you and not producing positive desired results? Do you have ONE MORE HOUR to be stuck, confused and frustrated, thinking that your same approaches will somehow magically work?

Or are you ready to take the CHALLENGE…ready to take MASSIVE ACTION, do a NEW THING and start working with me? I work globally with clients from all backgrounds. With me, you can also freely talk about your faith and spirituality.


Read the offerings. I only work a limited number of clients each year and only if they are truly ready to make change and meet their goals. The choice is yours to sign up or not. Enroll and then contact me at afterwards and we will get started. I wish you many blessings, abundance and love.


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