Summertime – Time For a Fresh Start

It is (nearly) summer in Copenhagen, where I am right now. Even if you did not look at the calendar, you can tell by all the people jumping in Copenhagen harbor for a swim, baring their skin to catch the sweet rays of sunshine and the fact that so many cafes have chairs and tables outside. It is time to shake off the winter chill, inside and out, and get a fresh start.

FRESH START-1Get Unstuck

Getting a fresh start is important when you have been stuck in the same rut. It is also important when you find you are sitting in a place in life where you are bored, stressed or full of anxiety. The stories people are telling me lately are very much the latter — people are afraid and anxious. They are facing relationship and family troubles. They have big decisions to make about getting committed and serious in life. They have difficulty being flexible enough to be open for changes that will expand their life. Life is a struggle and they are getting worn out with trying to make it seem to everyone else that it’s all good.

But what if you could change all that?

That is why I am working with people on Fresh Start; so they can gain clarity and balance, find what excites them at their core and gather all that is needed to make their life work.

Wherever you live, contact me and let’s work on getting you a Fresh Start today. We can work teogehte by telephone or Skype, anywhere in the world, at just about any time of the day.

Copenhagen and Anywhere Else

I can work with anyone, anywhere, through the magic of the internet, Skype and Google Hangouts.

If you are in Copenhagen in June, I can work with you in-person. I will update this for July and August.




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