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New Millennials Course

New Millennials Course

My lifespan consulting practice has for 20 years been about meeting people where they are in their life transitions, which happens to be across four generations. One of those is Millennials between 28-30. I have some younger relatives in that age bracket (and younger) and they are wonderfully smart and knowledgeable. I am a member of the JustDoIt Generation (Generation X) and realize my generation has a responsibility to transfer our knowledge. There are many opportunities to listen to them and what is behind their words. Doing that, between my clients, relatives and what I see and hear everyday in society,  I am concerned.


Because Generation Me/Generation Y/Millennials are in crisis.

Millennial Questions

Are you heading to the end of your 20s and getting concerned about life in general?

Do you feel cheated?

Are you 28-30 and feeling lost and confused?

Do you feel you are drifting as you head towards 30 or enter your early 30s?

Do you feel you are facing a mountain you cannot climb?

Does it make you angry to hear people talk about the attitudes and behaviors of Millennials?

Do you hear a lot of talk happening about your generation but see no effective action to help you through the chaos?

Do you realize you are unprepared for adult life and responsibilities in your 30s?


Millennial Truth

The truth is, you ARE unprepared.

The truth is that the generation born between the mid-1980s and early 2000s were given a lot:

  • the latest electronic gadgets as soon as they were available
  • material milestones in life that previous generations took decades to achieve
  • Internet access from childhood but not many interpersonal social skills
  • parents who did not let them feel unsupported or suffer loss
  • parents who protected them but did not prepare them for life’s demands
  • grand visions of materially wealthy lives yet no education about how to handle money

The truth is…you ARE unprepared. You have been left unprepared for what comes for EVERYONE turning 30 and what everyone faces when they are in their 30s. You may have “everything” but still you feel isolated and anxious.

Whether you are living in the United States of America or China, young adults turning 30 an entering solidly into adulthood are hitting a wall and struggling to see the way forward.

Here Is The Answer

This is the generation also known as Generation Y (following the Generation X/JustDoIt Generation) and Generation Me. That last designation is important because it encapsulates the self-focus of a generation. It reveals the source of the “turning 30” confusion and overwhelm. It also reveals the answer.

Turning 30 does not need to be chaos, confusion and crisis

I am designing a new course for Millennials to help you

  • experience someone who speaks directly and clearly, cutting to the heart of the matter
  • understand the generations alive today as you never have before
  • recognize that you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed and confused
  • learn the importance of investing in yourself and how to do it

In this course you will receive a life strategy toolkit that will empower you to:

  • understand how you got where you are now
  • eliminate confusion and chaos about turning 30 and being 30-something
  • gain effective and practical tools for embracing 30/your 30s with courage

Enroll Early and Save!

I am launching a new online learning academy in 2017 with lots of educational and fun courses. This new course will be a part of it. 


It will be designed in large part by Millennials like you who will give their input on life as you are experiencing it.

It will be ready this spring on March 30. Mark that date on your calendar! It will be the second in the lifespan courses I am creating that are birthed from the 1:1 programs I do with clients (the first course was the Opportunity course for people ages 37-44).

The introductory price will be $199 but if you enroll by 11:59PM (Pacific Time) on March 1, you can have the course for only $149

There’s More!

But here is an even better deal:

If you enroll by 11:59PM (Pacific Time) on January 18, you can have the course for $79 AND you get a BONUS:

  • a FREE 30-minute 1:1 Skype life strategy session with me after you have completed the course (be sure to do all the work in it first so your session will be effective)
  • opportunity to get 2 more discounted life strategy sessions with me for only $75 each

Both courses include your Barrett Academy Enrollment fee ($60 value)!

After taking this course, you can then have access to the academy of learning for only $20 per month (save $20/month) and that price will never change for everyone enrolling in Barrett Academy in 2016 (it will increase for others in the future). You will also get monthly access to live webinars and free goodies!

Make Your Choice

Yes, I choose Commitment AND Bonuses (by January 18)

Commitment (and Bonuses)

Yes, I choose Commitment (by March 1)

Commitment (and No Bonuses)

I am looking forward to seeing you in Commitment and in the New Year of 2017! This is going to not only be a teaching and learning time — i’s going to be FUN!!

Turning 30: Non-Relationships, Farming and Fishing

Turning 30: Non-Relationships, Farming and Fishing

We were doing great for the first three months, then he pulled away. Now he is seeing some other women and tells me he is confused. Now, he contacts me every few days. What do I do? I know he has so much happening in his life…

I heard this familiar sad story today from a 30-year old female client. I hear this from so many (mostly) women and (a few) men. We talked for a time and the wisdom I left her with was to reflect on what she wants, why she gets involved with men (she wants to be a wife and mother) and what message he has given her by ending their exclusive relationship after three months to keep her on the end of his fishing pole, reeling her in and out emotionally.

Many Millennials in their late 20s and early 30s contact me because they had hoped to be married and have children but somehow, it did not happen. Now they are desperate angry, frustrated, burned out on relationships, distrustful and confused. Mostly confused. They wasted their Commitment time. They continued to hang out with someone who never intended to marry them. Women do this often, waking up on the other side of 30 realizing they wasted valuable years with someone who did not truly love them and was unwilling to show it. Male clients, on the other hand, often describe to me how they spent their late 20s keeping a farm of insecure, desperate women, making contact with them every so often; or fishing these Indecisive Women by giving them a call every few weeks or months to make sure the women would still think there was hope. They are Unavailable Men. They avoid commitment to marriage and emotional/sexual intimacy with one person thinking there is always something better and more fun “out there” right now and eventually they will get around to making a commitment. But they had and have no intention of committing, always finding an excuse not to do so. They throw out a fishing line and Neither the men nor women in these situations know how to have an actual relationship with integrity. Too many intelligent women allow unavailable men to drag them into their 30s and 40s without a marriage commitment and leave them stranded in a non-relationship. These men and women think they are in actual relationships, but really, they have not committed to life.

It is not unusual to find men in their 30s living at home, financially clinging to their parents while having immature relationships with women that are the same way they related to girls at age 13. There are women who are behind in their personal, professional and financial success because they wasted time waiting on a non-relationship or dropped the ball on their own life.

These men and women have not committed to ADULTHOOD and adult relationships.

Boosting Your Success Into Your 30s

In some cases, people in their 20s have begun to stabilize and achieve. Working with me on your Commitment time can then be an opportunity to prevent crisis, remove roadblocks, create a thriving life strategy and walk into your 30s on solid ground. I will walk with you through the hard decisions that require commitment in order to bring more freedom and abundance into your life.

You can read more about it, and sign up to partner with me on a Commitment program. My goal is to empower you in making better choices for yourself and your adult life. Readers of this blog get 60% off.