“Thrive!” Comes to Copenhagen


Join the “Thrive!” Mini-seminar in Copenhagen

We are meant to thrive, not just survive. Our best lives are integrated ones where we embrace the journeys we are meant to take at certain points in our lives and balance our lives through wellbeing. You can read about how this works in one of these lifespan periods (ages 37-44) in my recent book “Midlife Opportunity: Power, Money and Wellbeing in Your Late 30s & Early 40s” AND now you can supplement the book with firsthand “Thrive!” education and experience in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It promises to a fun and informative morning of lifespan lectures, yoga, Tai Chi Chu’an and meditation.

KVINFO Mentornetwork in  and Humanity Institute are hosting a half-day “taste” of the regular “Thrive!” program on Saturday morning, August 16, 2014. The location will be Den Sorte Diamante (The Black Diamond) along that city’s harbor.

Look for registration information in a few days!

Remember to look for the link and download a free copy of the first chapter of the book on the link above. You can also find some great reviews of the book on Goodreads

I look forward to meeting some great Danish and expatriate women in Copenhagen soon!

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