Thrive SAN DIEGO 2015 Seeks Donations and Sponsorship

Thrive! SAN DIEGO 2015

Call for Donations and Sponsorship

I am seeking donations adn corporate sponsorship for  Thrive!  SAN DIEGO, a project that means a lot to me and I hope you will read more about it, contribute and spread the word!

What is the Thrive! SAN DIEGO Scholarship Fund?

Thrive! SAN DIEGO  Scholarship Fund is to provide funds to unemployed women to come for entrepreneurship training and wellness in body, mind and and spirit for two days. This is a passionate dream made manifest. Thrive! SAN DIEGO is a manifested dream of mine  to transform lives and empower people.

I have been living between San Diego and Copenhagen, Denmark for almost a decade.  I have worked as as lifespan consultant and coach fulltime since 1998 and I feel obligated in my personal mission to use all I have to uplift my kindred human beings. Most importantly, I am a person of passion and compassion who likes to think then take action. I want to see everyone succeed. I saw in Copenhagen how the global economic recession and its long-term unemployment (3-6 years for some people) has nearly crushed the spirit, hopes and dreams of people. I designed  and facilitated a three private Thrive! COPENHAGEN workshops with great success.

I am did a Thrive! COPENHAGEN workshop in July and October 2014, then another in America’s Finest City fin November 2014.  The feedback from the people who have attended since 2010 made me think, “this is really helping people renew their energy, get a better handle on their lives and get moving. How can this reach more people and people who really need it?” I immediately thought of the many unemployed, especially long-term unemployed, in San Diego. I read the San Diego unemployment number and talked with friends, unearthing this information:

  • Nokia hit San Diego hard with layoffs
  • 5.8% unemployment in July and 6.6% in August 2014 and no better now
  • The possibility that the unemployment numbers are double that when you factor in the unemployed who can no longer get benefits or  give up after years
  • The California has the highest unemployment in the USA

Long-term Unemployed San Diegans Deserve Good Wellbeing

For more than 50 years, Gallup scientists have been exploring the demands of a life well-lived. More recently, in partnership with leading economists, psychologists, and other acclaimed scientists, Gallup has uncovered the common elements of wellbeing that transcend countries and cultures. The conclusion is that there are  universal elements of wellbeing that separate a thriving life from one spent suffering. They represent five broad categories that are essential to most people:

They have also shown that long-term unemployment, such as as much as 13% of the population is suffering, negatively impacts the mind-body-spirit (high rates of depression, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, low self-esteem and higher morbidity — yeah, death)

A Solution: Wisdom &Wellbeing

I feel compelled to do something more effective for the unemployed than squashing their dreams with a soul-killing day sitting in a chair looking through job ads, getting rejections and wondering why they are getting up in the morning. I’ve been there, done that and it sucked!

I feel compelled to empower people and give them new energy maybe even the new vision that will lead to new employment. Here is the advertisement from last year’s Thrive! SAN DIEGO:

I would like to be able to do offer full scholarship to at least 50 women for the August 27 & 28 event. Tickets will be distributed through county unemployment centers.
I cannot fund this on my own so I am asking for assistance. You can make a donation to this worthy cause:

Uplift San Diego’s Unemployed Women! DONATE TODAY



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