Transcending Pain, Finding Joy at 50

You have made it through your wild 20s, hardworking 30s and challenged-filled 40s. Now you are approaching, just turned 50 or are just on the other side and the bottom has dropped out of life. You wonder at 50 how to handle all that has come to sit in your lap and if you will ever be able to come back from the losses: deaths, serious health issues, financial hits, deep emotional and spiritual crises.

You are not alone. Ages 49-52 are very significant years. They are what I have come to label as the Legacy phase of life. Why? It is because it is at this time that you must reach back to the past in order to deal fully with the present so you can begin to create the future — your legacy.

The Wounds of Life

The woundedness that occurs at this time takes so many forms. The death of husband from cancer and becoming a single mother of a teenager; a divorce that leaves you financially devastated and wondering if you will die alone now that you are closer to death than not; learning that you have breast cancer, dangerously high blood pressure or diabetes; awakening to realize you have turned 50 and are in an abusive marriage that you need to leave; losing your home and ending up in a homeless shelter or sleeping in your car, getting fired and finding it difficult to find a new job at 50 because no one seems to want an “old” person; find you are 5o and still never-married despite 30 years of trying to find love.

Some of my clients have been men who can’t stop crying because the pain is so deep behind the facade they put up for everyone in the corporate world. I have had female clients who question their value and abilities because their life structure has changed so deeply. About age 50, asking “Is that all there is?” is common. So are heart attacks!

Healing Is Possible

All these wounds (and others) can be healed. HEALED. With that healing comes the ability to create a legacy that will last far beyond, deeper and wider than your lifetime.

When we are finished working together, you are empowered on your way to creating a legacy on a personal and a professional level that transforms your life and the lives of those you touch.

If you want to find healing for your life, get unstuck and overcome what seems to be impossible to overcome, work with me.

Work With Barrett

Working with people ages 49-52 (turning 50) is part of what I do. It is my specialty. It is my “thing”. It is the healing work I was created to do and want to do with you. I have “been there, done that and bought the t-shirt”. Nothing you can tell me is shocking beyond repair or beyond hope. I have been working with four specific age group since 1998, helping people in the Legacy phase get unstuck and find new life after hitting bottom.

Together we will put the smile back on your face, and that smile will come from your heart. Turning 50 can become a joy and not an insurmountable burden.

Who am I? My background is in communications and clinical psychology, crisis counseling, theology and culture. I am also a natural and powerful intuitive, spiritual healer, priest/minister and counselor.

Work with me in your Legacy phase and create a life that is empowered and meaningful. Simply CLICK HERE to start today.

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