Transformed Woman Retreat – Heal and Refresh Your Life

Are you feeling LOST? Are you BURNED OUT?

Do you need a CHANGE?

The Transformed Woman Retreat is a high-level offering designed for high-powered, active women who are tired, lacking energy, missing a sense of purpose, stressed, not dealing with issues and who need a break. If this is you, we welcome you with open arms to a week of healing, re-centering and rejuvenation. If your problems are CHAOS, CRISIS and CONFUSION we have the solution: CALM, CLARITY and CONFIDENCE.



Retreat and Shift Your Life

The Transformed Woman Retreat in the hills of North County San Diego is about making the shift. It is about opening your heart and connecting to your purpose. It is a high-powered and revitalizing event to support women like you in breaking through the obstacles between you and your dreams. When this happens, you will become an energized, bold, lively and dynamic woman. As a result of this shift,  you become the leader of your life – a sassy woman!

This retreat will be a chance for you to create an inspiring future for yourself and set joyful meaningful goals.

Imagine arriving feeling burdened, neglected, overwhelmed, stress, soul hungry and carrying old wounds and traumas, but when you leave you

  • are healed in broken places
  • have new tools for a fresh start
  • are rested and full of energy
  • you feel embraced, heard
  • you are spiritually and emotionally nourished



It will be a small groups of women who are all committed to creating a shift for themselves in their lives. Each of you will learn how to maven your soul, subsequently unleashing your power, while simultaneously forming deep connections.

Your transformation will be facilitated by The Sassy Sisters. I am one of them. We are a powerful, transforming group of five women. Collectively, we have more than 50 years of experience between us. We serve women worldwide through life strategy work, healing modalities, nutrition, coaching, yoga, spiritual counseling and spiritual direction, clinical pastoral counseling, bodywork and communication. 

You will receive all these services during the week-long retreat. It takes place the week of January 28, 2019 and is open to less than 15 women. Book your space now for the most healing transformation of your life.

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