Turning 30: Meth Trailer on Fire or Luxury Brand?

Even though we live in a faster-paced world than 50, 100 or 500 years ago, modernity is not the determinant of how our personal brand is perceived. Our personal brand is our name and reputation and at the core we are the ones responsible for our personal brand. Only YOU create YOU as a luxury brand of excellence and high quality OR as a crystal meth trailer on fire.

It begins even when we are very young. Personal brand is shaped from childhood into tween year and teenage years and the young adulthood of most of our 20s. But it starts getting tricky in young adulthood. We start to set habits and make decisions that become patterns. Whether it is a good thing or not such a good thing is up to you. Then when we hit the Commitment years of 28-30 it become central to your success entering adulthood. What we do and say, the decisions we make and how we live out lives are in the spotlight. Turning 30 is a transition form young adulthood to adulthood that is a defining moment by which people will remember us for a long time, and perhaps the lens through which they will view us for a lifetime.

Real Life Example: George Zimmerman

Think about how George Zimmerman destroyed his life as he approached 30 and all that was revealed about him before, during and after the infamous killing of teenager Trayvon Martin. He said he wanted to be a Marine but that didn’t pan out.  He wanted a degree in criminal justice but that was not completed.  He could have protected and served the public in the military or law enforcement.  He had several encounters with crime and law enforcement in 2005 at the age of 21 and was reported to be angry, arrogant and belligerent. In 2012 at the age of 28 he fatally shot the teenager Trayvon Martin. Over the next four years his personal brand tanked as he was acquitted in a controversial trial, had domestic violence, road rage, and other violence charges leveled at him. He became the victim of violence and was shot in the face. He divorced. He gained approximately 100 pounds during the trial for the killing of Trayvon Martin, endangering his life. There were perjury issues (secrets and lies). Nothing changed from age 21-28 and he destroyed himself as his personal brand became that of a scary and violent man now that he is in his 30s.

Have you ever seen a trailer, used to make crystal meth, after it has exploded and caught on fire? It is a horrific sight. Yet, this is the point to which some people bring their personal brand — their name and reputation and path in this life. They take their potential and creativity and explode or burn out.


Your Personal Brand Is Not Relative –  There is a Right and Wrong

From the average citizen, to the famous, to the infamous, we may all know people who we have seen good things come from in their first 27 years and then they faced the edge, the verge of GREATNESS and didn’t get there. Think Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Heath Ledger and Kurt Cobain. The 35-year old who from age 28 has financially and otherwise bankrupted himself and ends up living in his childhood bedroom being his mother’s companion while he spends all his money traveling instead of saving, has taken a wrong direction. He has flunked adulthood.

Diversity and flexibility is a good thing in some cases but not in the case of moving into adulthood when certain decisions must be made. It is a universal fact of life. It requires maturely accepting life, stopping the dangerous and bad habits and associations. In some way, it is not hard to see, in some way, when people  did not want to commit and move forward into adulthood,  they drive off the road in the wrong direction away from commitment and destroy themselves.

Boosting Your Success Into Your 30s

In some cases, people in their 20s have begun to stabilize and achieve. Working with me on your Commitment time can then be an opportunity to prevent crisis, remove roadblocks, create a thriving life strategy and walk into your 30s on solid ground. I will walk with you through the hard decisions that require commitment in order to bring more freedom and abundance into your life.

You can read more about it, and sign up to partner with me on a Commitment program. My goal is to empower you in making better choices for yourself and your adult life. Readers of this blog get 60% off.

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