Turning 50: Aligning With Your Legacy

Are you out of alignment with life?
Are you out of alignment with life?

In the first part of this series, I wrote about the changes that occur when you reach age 49 and are approaching the second half-century of your life. First we must make a commitment to heal from our childhood wounds once and for all so we can release them and move forward with our purpose and legacy.

Staying Conscious and Open

While this Legacy time between ages 49-51 can seem to be unbearably painful and full of hardship, depression, or perhaps even serious illness (for yourself or a relative), it hold real potential for healing if you stay conscious and open to the possibilities. Staying conscious is especially important because if you numb yourself with obsessions, addictions and rigidity you will. If you suffer an illness now, it is an excellent time to try an alternative, holistic approach to health care (perhaps for the first time), especially if more traditional methods do not help. You’ll probably find that whatever ails you now is connected to wounds you’ve carried since childhood but have never been able to heal. If you should succeed in curing your maladies now, you will be inspired to help others heal themselves.

You may find that you spend a great deal of time alone now whether by desire or by force of circumstances. Your husband may be sent overseas to fight in a war and the issue of death is powerful. Your daughter is stuck in depression and you are filled with anxiety in your efforts to help her out of it. As part of your rediscovery of life, you may travel to foreign lands during this time, or explore a career in a totally new field. During this time you may develop latent psychic, healing, or teaching abilities. In turn, you will inspire others to heal and be healed. You recognize that every occurrence in your life offers its own bit of wisdom, if only you are willing to accept it. Instead of worrying about yesterday or tomorrow, you’re learning to live in the now and take care of today.

Legacies of All Types

There comes, during this time, a spiritual message about how you are to create your legacy ad bring it to others. This does not mean your legacy is specifically about religion or spirituality. Your legacy may be to present the world with new technology, to financially fund global health research, to be a Big Brother or Big Sister to a child, to leave the business world and start working in a health and healing organization, to create paintings that touch people’s souls and psyches, to lead a mentor program for foreigners in your country, to write books of a healing nature, to create an educational program to teach specialized knowledge you have gained, to use your wealth to benefit an orphanage and bless the lives of many children,  connected to now. so that they become You will feel the spiritual karmic call upon your life to do what you are meant to do in this life and you will come to understand how it is connected to the world, to other people. You will understand how YOU are connected to the world and to other people, more than you may have ever understood in the past. Let your suffering and pain inspire you to bring healing (connection, growth, revitalization, hope etc) to other human beings. 

Aligning with Your Legacy

This is a time when many make a commitment to heal — themselves and their lives and then by intention, other people. It ca feel confusing, even murky, i addition to the pain. But if you choose to accept the things that comes to your doorstep now, the signs from the Universe/God, you will find increasing spiritual peace and emotional healing. Realize you do not know everything and accept that you know only a fraction of what there is to know in this world. Then you will be be able to humbly share your knowledge with other people — thus creating your legacy.

Creating YOUR Legacy

So, how will you do it? From ages 49-51 you have some serious decisions to make about how you will live the second half of life, whether you will embrace the cycle of life or not, and how you will bring your creative energy and spiritual power into a lasting legacy. If you do this, you will in the midst of it, find healing for your wound and the method by which you are here in this life to heal other people.

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