When Things Go Sideways

Sometimes life throws you upside down, goes sideways and things fall apart. But, a breakdown is an opportunity for a breakthrough.

If you remember to breathe, stay in gratitude and be open to signs and messages that come through your intuition, people and situations – you will experience spiritual awakening.

No one is so enlightened that they escape this very real and and very human experience at some point in life.

Some of you may remember a film called “Sideways” with Paul Giamatti, Sandra Oh, Virginia Mayo and Thomas Haden Church. It is a favorite of mine. It reminds me of how life can become something we never dreamed it would be.

I remember at 23 finding myself facing the hard challenge of reporting child sexual abuse to save some children. I lost my family because if it and suffered financially as it took a toll on me and I had to take a break from my journalism job. But afterwards, the children were protected and I got a new higher paying more prominent position in my field without searching because of my reputation and my voice as heard on my voicemail greeting.

At 27, during a series of forced housing moves because of lanlords needing their apartments for family members, a pervasive boredom and restlessness and some uncomfortable encounters within my spiritual life, I realized life was not working because I was following my mission as a spiritual leader. I enrolled in seminary for my graduate degree, began serving people full-time and life became joyful. I fine-tune my hidden leadership skills and the world was opened to me — and I had wanted to travel and see it. Now it was happening – working from outside the USA.

Even now, I have come to see that I am about to uplevel again. I asked for my life to change in certain ways, to attain certain goals. Now doors have closed and grievous pain has been suffered through death, illness and losses. I was depressed and felt lost. Then I was gifted with a miraculous open door – undiscovered fanily. I was becoming impatient and angry at not receiving my dream and desires. However, as I breathe, practice gratitude and wait after having done the hard work, I am confident the doors soon wil open and my new life will come into place. Meanwhile, I have upleveled spirtually. Become wiser.

The period of life falling apart, the period of being broken, is the moment of TRANSFORMATION.

As the fuzzy caterpillar changes in the cocoon, so can you experience the metamorphosis of becoming a magnificently beautiful and free butterfly that can soar.


That metamorphosis, that transformation, is spiritual awakening ‘ and you sudfenly realize you have upleveled and are a new being. ❤❤❤ If you are experiencing this ❤ or have experienced this comment below ?so I can acknowledge you.

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