WomanPower in the Solar Eclipse

The Great American Eclipse

A total solar eclipse — lunar power is covering solar power.

Powerful energy is in place today with the solar eclipse and it is the sign of great power that will be seen in all its glory these next six months and the next 19 years. There are no mistakes in the heavens. This WOMANPOWER is evident in the Moon (female) blotting out the Sun and the divine star Regulus there in the heart of it all. Women! We are not rising, we are not waiting to arise. We are HERE and ARISEN. Not tomorrow. Today. So STAND and take on your glorious power in whatever form that is and drive your life forward. We as the feminine are powerful alongside the masculine.We women know how to use our special power to give life and make things grow. Speak nothing but encouragement to other women. Empower yourself and keep smiling as you move past those who do not embrace you. Your time is here. Your time is now.

  1. Make calls to initiate action on the things important to you
  2. Determine what it is you want to succeed at and start working on it today
  3. Leave behind complaining, criticism and blaming others. Don’t settle for being the victim
  4. Cleanse hatred and hardness from your heart
  5. Be flexible but progressive in pursuing your goals


I wanted to be part of a small mastermind group these last 7 years but never did it happen nor did I find anyone I wanted to be with in such a setting. Then last week it happened, quite without my notice. It was intense and powerful; I came away with so much that I am absolutely FULL with the energy! I am now doing all the things that arose  as action steps for me in that meeting.

I am watching the total solar eclipse that is crossing the USA,  all of today. I stood on a very high building watching it this morning and throughout the day I will be going to the NASA feed online. We live in AWESOME times!

I have work to do today, making calls, setting up events, organizing parties, building a new team. My dreams will manifest into reality.

What is on your plate? How can I help you with personal or professional challenges so you can achieve your goals? Comment below!


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