I am here to support you in getting unstuck and out of crisis during your adult life transitions into your 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s — to motivate you to shake up your life and to empower you with effective tools to create the perfect blend of life that works for you. You will create your purpose, understand your power and achieve your birthright prosperity. Through four intensive 1:1 sessions in the program relevant to your time of life, I am here to help you achieve clarity, joy, confidence and abundance and true success.

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Everybody’s got their “thing”, the thing that comes with living your mission, your purpose in life. Mine is about serving others through my gifts of insight, education and empowerment. My “thing” is about YOU. My “thing” is to help you clear the roadblocks to finding and living your  best life. This is my expertise.


Let’s partner on an exciting, challenging journey together; one that pushes you beyond the limits you have currently set for yourself. The crises you are currently experience? We will work together to move beyond them. The links will take you to the program page for more information and you can enroll.

Are you entering your 30s (28-30), facing adulthood and the call to take life seriously? Feeling angry or even depressed? This is about Commitment (ages 28-30) – launch full into adulthood with confidence!

Are you facing your 4th decade (37-44) and dealing with the early midlife crisis on personal and professional sides? Feeling blocked, anxious and confused? This is about Opportunity (ages 37-44) – design a successful life and create the perfect work-life blend!

Are you entering the 5th decade (49-52) and drifting around issues of what your meaning and legacy is in life? Are you without vision and feeling you’ve lost life’s meaning? This is about Legacy (ages 49-52) – learn how to create a positive lasting legacy and why it is important now!

Are you entering your 6th decade (56-60) and need to gather your wisdom and beg to take your place as a wise elder in society? Are you wondering what to do your Third Age? This is about Wisdom (ages 56-60) – create your masterpiece life!

My mission is only about the people who are ready to transform their lives now. If this is you, let’s start  today.


By enrolling in these 4 life strategy sessions with me, you will be in the driver’s seat, I will guide you with effective counsel and insight that has helped hundreds of my clients. I am a careful but slightly fast driver and I do like a sexy car, so we will be doing things boldly, with some sassy touches, with some style.

Initially, I only work with you for 4 weeks because in that time we make great progress and if you desire you can journey the remainder of your life without me. You will have the tools. Choosing to continue to work with me after that in the Empress Advantage leadership program,  in a group intensive program or an exclusive mastermind is up to you and what you feel you desire.

We will have some good tunes (yes, even literally) that we will have with us on the journey. I also like to get down DEEP, so you must be ready to drive into the darkness from which we learn, knowing I am there with you, knowing I can handle anything and knowing I will come out into the light in which we rejoice, together with you! Together we will journey. The only one who can limit your progress or results is you.


Pop Julia


Each session is $297. You deserve the best so invest in yourself and change your life today.

Book your free 15-minute Strategy Session and we will discover whether you are a good fit to work with me. I do not have time and space to work with everyone. If so, I will give you immediate access to enroll.

Questions?: Book your free 15-minutes Strategy Session by signing up HERE and you will receive a phone call. barrettsig-1