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Work With Me

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How Can I Empower  You?

I am here to support you in getting unstuck and out of crisis during your adult life transitions, to motivate you to shake up your life and to empower you with effective tools to create the perfect blend of life that works for you.


Your spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing are important in helping you be your best and live a life of excellence. Are you ready to shake out of the sleep of the mediocre, tap into your unlimited potentials and manifest a great life?


Everybody’s got their “thing”, the thing that comes with finding your place of excellence. I have been there, done that and more. My “thing” is about serving others through my gifts of insight, education and empowerment. My “thing” is about YOU. My “thing” is to help you clear the roadblocks to finding and living your “thing”. This is my expertise.


I am here to work with you and all people who are courageously ready to change their life. Not 6/12/18 months from now. Not when this person or that person gives you permission. But NOW. When you work with me, the changes in your life are immediate and lasting.


Let’s partner on an exciting, challenging journey together; one that pushes you beyond the limits you have currently set for yourself. The crises you are currently experience? We will work together to move beyond them.

Are you entering ybarrettcp0716our 30s (28-30), facing adulthood and the call to take life seriously? Feeling angry or even depressed? This is about Commitment (ages 28-30) – launch full into adulthood with confidence!

Are you facing your 4th decade (37-44) and dealing with the early midlife crisis on personal and professional sides? Feeling blocked, anxious and confused? This is about Opportunity (ages 37-44) – design a successful life and create the perfect work-life blend!

Are you entering the 5th decade (49-52) and drifting around issues of what your meaning and legacy is in life? Are you without vision and feeling you’ve lost life’s meaning? This is about Legacy (ages 49-52) – learn how to create a positive lasting legacy and why it is important now!

Are you entering your 6th decade(56-60) and need to gather your wisdom and beg to take your place as a wise elder in society? Are you wondering what to do your Third Age? This is about Wisdom (ages 56-60) – create your masterpiece life!

My calling and mission is only about the people who are ready to shake up their lives, are ready to courageously do it now and who are of certain ages as listed above. If this is you, let’s start your lifespan consultation program today.


By having a lifespan consultation with me, you will be in the driver’s seat, I will guide you with effective counsel and insight that has helped hundreds of my clients. I am a careful but slightly fast driver and I do like a sexy car, so we will be doing things boldly, with some sassy touches, with some style.

We will have some good tunes (yes, even literally) that we will have with us on the journey. I also like to get down DEEP, so you must be ready to drive into the darkness from which we learn, knowing I am there with you, knowing I can handle anything and knowing I will come out into the light in which we rejoice, together with you! Together we will journey. The only one who can limit your progress or results is you.

This is all about YOU and your success. I am merely the human whose calling it is to connect with you heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul to inspire, motivate and empower you to that success. Are you ready now to breakthrough and shake up your life?

Have questions? Get a FREE Discovery Session (20 minutes) before enrolling in a program. Offer expires November 11. Send an email to client [at]  with Free Discovery Session in the subject line.

I am ready to work with you!





I am here to help you and I take that seriously. Empowered life consultations are specially designed lifespan consultations. They are a powerful tool for educating you about your current lifespan period and identifying how you can use this period to evolve as well as both formulate and achieve future goals.

I am a Certified Master Coach and Ordained Minister who is university-educated in psychology, cultural encounters (racial, ethnic, gender, and religious diversity), theology and communications. I bring that together with more than a decade of international living and working experience. I founded my business in 1996 to assist people in making personal and professional changes easier, faster, and with better outcomes.

Read about your particular age group on the website so you can better understand why we are working together.

Sessions can be in-person, by telephone or by Skype, depending on where we are and what is most convenient. The majority of my clients have their sessions by Skype and telephone. Sessions are always confidential.

My clients are primarily entrepreneurs/entrepreneurial teams, but also sports celebrities, executives, expatriates seeking new lives in a new culture and people making major life transitions.  Many of my clients are San Diegoans or Copenhageners (Danes). Culture and language are never an obstacle. Read about Torben’s experience.

Clients work with me over telephone or Skype.

For those with whom it is possible to do in-person sessions in Copenhagen or La Jolla (San Diego), we can met in your office OR I have chosen cozy places to have a session if you would like the convenience of meeting over breakfast or lunch.

You come to me with the attitude that you want to succeed and make changes. With that attitude, you commit to your growth and every session.  You commit to moving beyond your current and past modes of behavior and decision-making. You commit to change. I will be your coach and cheerleader as you journey forward into exciting and yes, sometimes, scary new modes of behavior and situations. I will empower you through the tough moments. As long as you choose to move forward, we can work together.


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