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Commitment: Either you do or you don’t. There is no in-between

Commitment (ages 28-30). Turning 30 is serious business and Millennials are dealing with it now (the oldest Millennials are 32 right now, born in 1983). Times are challenging for many. While some graduated and found good paying jobs, they are struggling with adult relationship decisions because they were overprotected by helicopter parents and did not get the guidance and support to stand on their own two feet. Other are struggling with finding a position that has meaning and good pay so they can move forth with the other areas of life and not worry about money all the time. In all cases, there is a confusion and a fear about not making it to full adulthood. But remember, it’s not just you who is dealing with this struggle.

You dance through your teens and 20s thinking you are a guest at a never-ending party. Your 20s are meant for that as it is a transition between being an adolescent teenager and adulthood. It is young adulthood. There is a point at age 21 where you get a hint of the adult person you are becoming and the responsibilities and growing pains of growth. But in general, the 20s, regardless of the economy, are a relatively smooth time of life.

As you approach 30 you realize the party is over and the partying is not as fun as in earlier years. Time, age, reality and responsibility become not only frequent words in your mind and vocabulary, they become the glaring demands of life. You have stress that has become distress and depression. The world throws down a gauntlet and challenges you to BUILD A PERSONAL BRAND as an adult for the first time in life. This is not young adulthood. This is the real deal. Now you must pick up the gauntlet and deal with it one way or another. You must deal with life as an adult for the first time and yeah, it is scary because not everyone is a team player.

turning30spotlightYou get hints of this about the time you are 27 , driving down the road on the journey of life. You see the “signpost” is commitment and know it  is ahead of you. For some it becomes stressful and distressful as you make different choices in your behavior and life in general. Some people resist, afraid to move forward, rebelling so hard they destroy their lives —  they essentially “check out” of life.

Your Personal Brand Is Not Relative –  There is a Right and Wrong

From the average citizen, to the famous, to the infamous, we may all know people who we have seen good things come from in their first 27 years and then they faced the edge, the verge of GREATNESS and didn’t get there. The 34 year old who from age 28 has financially and otherwise bankrupted himself and ends up living in his childhood bedroom being his mother’s companion has taken a wrong direction. He has flunked adulthood.

Diversity and flexibility is a good thing in some cases but not in the case of moving into adulthood when certain decisions must be made. It is a universal fact of life. It requires maturely accepting the responsibilities of life and realizing that they actually expand your world, stopping selfish behavior and bad habits, as well as releasing immature associations. When people  did not want to commit and move forward into adulthood,  they drive off the road in the wrong direction away from commitment and destroy themselves.

Stop Millennial Drift – Work With Me

Successories, a motivational company, defines commitment as “Extraordinary energy, concentrated power and sheer will. This is the potent mix required to break barriers and reach the pinnacle of success”.

Commitment is a time in life when there IS a right and a wrong. Either you get this time of life right and succeed or you head in the obvious wrong direction out of stubbornness or laziness and cause yourself unnecessary suffering and struggle for your next 30 years. Again, it is not just you.

Your level of commitment reveals your CORE VALUES in:

  • love, sex and marriage
  • money and finance
  • intimacy of all kinds

I am all about YOU in our time together. I am all about empowering YOU to stop the Millennial “drift” that leads nowhere professionally and personally. Realizing you are stuck at 33 in the same place you were at 28 is not a joyful feeling. When YOU are ready to show Life that you are serious I am here to help. That is where working with me on you personalized Commitment lifespan program will empower you to make positive changes and transform your life  in the areas most important in your life.

Commitment (28-30 years old)

Specifically, in our “Commitment” work together you will be empowered  over four (4) 1-hour sessions and able to:

  • Determine your core values
  • Understand which area(s) of life must undergo change now
  • Take specific steps to create your personal brand (professional/personal)
  • Understand the true meaning of freedom
  • Deepen and seriously re-examined your commitments and overall commitment to life
  • Gain insight about which situations and/or people are appearing in your life as your call to growth
  • Understand this time period in relation to your next 15 and 30 years
  • Discover wisdom, discipline, forbearance and a sense of hope and joy about life
  • Open door to effectively  take your life where you want it to go

At 29, my life was not working. I hated my job and had bad finances. What I tried to make would not happen. I blamed my girlfriend and my parents. I was angry at my friends for no longer being the same. I was lying to myself and others. Being Danish, life is a youth party even when you are 28, 29, 31, maybe because we are still in university. Then suddenly we are to be adults — but society has not taught us how to be an adult along the way. We have a problem in the Danish society. However, by doing the Commitment program, I came to see how I broke my life and how I needed to change. Things are much better now in my relationship, my finances and with my future. Thank you, Barrett. – Peter T.

I can give you effective and personalized guidance so you can make good life choices. I won’t tell you what to do; I will help you get clarity so YOU can make the decisions. I will empower you to pinpoint your challenges and find positive solutions. If you are willing to do the work, you will leave our work together with clear direction and effective tools for creating a powerful and creative adult life.

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