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(Ages 49-52)

sadwoman50sHaving completed your entrance into adulthood the Commitment transition at ages 28-30, and after finishing your move into early midlife with the Opportunity transition at ages 37-44, you suddenly find that you are at a crossroads. You may even be face down in the road, feeling you have been run over by a truck and cann’t get up and save your life. Maybe you wonder why you would want to save your life. You are facing turning 50 or are just on the other side. It can feel like a life or death crossroads and often it is. You are life is full of PAIN. Job loss. Relationship problems. Divorce, Deaths. Estrangements. Psychological issues that seem to be overwhelming. Physical pain that threatens to cripple or kill you. Frequently, there is a feeling of a loss of direction.

This time period, between ages 49-52, is the Legacy phase of your life. You have journeyed through your 40s and are approaching what we commonly recognize as the mid-point of our lives. What you must now do is decide if life is  dead-end  and “all-downhill” from here because it feels so overwhelming OR if you will take another approach.

Now you must deal with something in your life that relates to your very birth. There is a childhood issue, as childhood “wound” if you will that you must heal within yourself through taking all you have learned in life at this point and  “teaching” or healing others with the knowledge you have gained in life. This is your legacy.

This is the zenith, the top. But it is NOT “all downhill” from here. Creating a legacy is a golden opportunity. This is where you lighten your load and take to flight, soaring high. You’ve been climbing and now you will fly! This point is where you solidify your life’s purpose, and the legacy you will gift the world. Now is when you deal with any remaining wounds you have and heal them,
you can heal others. Then you package it so you can hand it out to others.

That can take many forms, from the spiritual to the physical to the material. Whatever it is we will work together to empower you in healing your wounds so you cango forther and heal others through creating a powerful legacyæ THat legacy will be your mark upon this world in this lifetime and lifetimes to come. TYou can be whole and plant seeds that will empower others. Who know what power you have inside you. Who knows? YOU, deep inside. I will help you bring it forth.

Why Work With Me?

You should work with me to become the integrated, whole, authentic and powerful person you are meant to be. Money and fame do not make you powerful. Being healed and whole, do. If you choose to work with me on a Legacy lifespan program, we will get down to source of what has risen to the surface and grabbed your attention. I will empower you to understand what is the TRUE source of your pain and the options you have for bringing healing to your life. Losing your job and being unemployed is NOT the real problem. Divorce is not the real problem.  Bad health is not the real problem. These are all only symptoms of a dis-ease.

In our work together, I journey wilegacyman50sth you as you bring out what has been hiding and remove the things holding you back. I will help you heal the wounds that need healing and open doorways for you to begin leaving a legacy to the generations to come. We will journey deep together so that you can come to understand what it is you have to teach others in this world and how, in some way through you experience and knowledge, you have a role in bringing healing and wholeness to a world sorely in need of it.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime work (you only live this age once!) and it is your launching point for another 50 years that are powerful, effective, abundant, satisfying and joyful.

  • We will have FOUR sessions together
  • We will keep in touch in between sessions by email.
  • You will have exercises/homework to do in between sessions
  • You will be empowered to devise a meaningful Second Half of Life
  • **BONUS** — Enroll by 11:59PM (PT) on N0vember 11, 2016 and you get as a FREE BONUS, 4 extra weekly coaching followup support sessions

You have a MISSION in this life. I will empower you to leave your mark on this world in a way that makes you content, excited and proud.

Who am I? My background is in communications and clinical psychology, crisis counseling, theology and culture. I am also a natural and powerful intuitive, spiritual healer, priest/minister and counselor. Working with people ages 49-52 is part of what I do. It is my speciality. It is my “thing”. It is the healing work I was created to do and want to do with you. I have “been there, done that and bought the t-shirt”. Nothing you can tell me is shocking beyond repair or beyond hope. I have been working with four specific age group since 1998, helping people in the Legacy phase get unstuck and find new life after hitting bottom.

Together we will put the smile back on your face, and that smile will come from your heart.

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