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(Ages 49-52)

YOU – you have been and are the focus of my life’s work for over 15 years. I have “been there, done that and bought the t-shirt” of a woman’s journey. I know about the joy, the pains and how to heal and restart.


I have been a single woman entering midlife, crashed and used my effective techniques to heal and create a vibrant new second half of life! I know what it feels like to go through a loss that makes you wonder if you’ll ever feel whole again. Here is what I can assure you – you CAN be whole again and you can thrive even more than you thought possible – IF you’re willing to do the work.

I know how to help you do this instead of disappearing or being irreparably broken as you are entering your 50s. I work with women like YOU to empower you to transform personally and professionally. In this 1:1 lifespan strategy program, I am all about YOU.

In the Legacy life strategy program I work with women between 49-52 to deal with

  • avoiding unnecessary pain,
  • clarifying confusion,
  • anticipating changes and challenges,
  • healing and transforming from the life wound you carry
  • recognizing turning points and new opportunities.

ENROLL TODAY if you are ready to heal and succeed. I am ready to work with YOU.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime work (you only live this age once!) and it is your launching point for another 50 years that are powerful, effective, abundant, satisfying and joyful.

Mission and Purpose

You have a MISSION in this life. I will empower you to leave your mark on this world in a way that makes you content, excited and proud.

Together we will put the smile back on your face, and that smile will come from your heart.

Enroll now for your Legacy life strategy program, group or individual!

When you are ready to enroll, send your NAME, EMAIL and TELEPHONE number to info][at]barrettcpowell.com

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