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(Ages 37-44).

What would you do if given the opportunity to avoid early midlife crisis and instead have a rewarding early midlife transition? Now is your chance.

When you reach your late 30s and early 40s you reach a significant turning point in life where you are given the opportunity to release the past and evolve further into your own authentic self. We commonly call this a crisis. However a crisis has two components – chaos AND opportunity. Viewing early midlife as an opportunity is the key to thriving and making it a successful time of life.

Having completed your entrance into adulthood at ages 28-30, you are now looking at your midlife opportunity, which is hallmarked by four significant transitions. For each person the specific phase can occur at different times than for others.

The four transitions will take you through approximately ages 37-44. They are:

The Journey of Depth

A journey of transformation, destruction and control in order to create something authentic. This is about getting serious and rebuilding a new structure. This is where you get blocked or broken down in some way because you need a better, more solid foundation for the remainder of your adult life.

The Journey of Change

A journey marked by surprise, sudden shocks, changes, upsetting issues and situations, eccentricity and the unusual. This second journey is shocking to the mind. Certain areas of your life will experience pronounced change and in doing so begin  showing you where you need to incorporate and implement two key actions.

The Journey of Spirit

A journey which heralds a time of confusion and the obscuring of reality. You can end up feeling as though your existence and accomplishments up to now are worth nothing. There is a subconscious spiritual change happening. You are faced with questioning yourself and working through things an emerging understanding.

When you have finished the wild ride of these three transitions, the final and perhaps most serious one joins the fray

The Journey of Time

A journey which is the final lesson around the age of 43/44. The nature of the Journey of Time is limitations, restrictions, structures, discipline, reality and resistance. By being conscientious you can make beneficial changes.

Work With Me

I will work with you on these changes as part of your Opportunity program over 2 2-hour sessions, to grasp what each part of the journey is asking of you and options for how you can respond and thrive. Ready to start your program?

What will you get from this Opportunity program?

If you choose to take this journey and work with me it will be the best 2 sessions of your life. As I equip you to navigate the SPECIFIC minefields, obstacles, challenges and questions in your life, you will come through your late 30s and enter your 40s with greater confidence and competency and emerge on the other side of your 40s with great  strength, power, knowledge and better wellbeing.

  • We will have TWO intensive sessions together
  • We will keep in touch in between sessions by email.
  • You will have exercises/homework to do in between sessions
  • You will be empowered to devise a powerful early midlife filled with wellness, peace, success and a more integrated life
  • Enroll by May 5, 2017 to get as a FREE BONUS, 4 weekly coaching followup support calls
  • Only 15 spots available at this 50% discount price

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