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Wisdom (ages 56-60)


In your late 40s/early 50s you should have done the work of creating your legacy and begun handing it out to the world. Now it is time to think about how you want to live the last third of your life and assess how the wisdom you have gained in life is benefiting yourself and others. You have gained wonderful wisdom over the last nearly six decades. You have a gift to give to the world.

Now you are in your late 50s, still in midlife, but coming up to your Third Age. You have heard about leaving a will, detailing what material possessions you are leaving to people. You have heard about leaving an ethical will.

But there is something else VERY important to do. Now, at this time, it is very important — no, it is a crucial time to look at the last years since you were 28-30, create a concrete plan for how you will use that wisdom to also enrich the last third of YOUR life.

Now it is time to take the legacy you recognized, created and shaped at 50, integrate your wisdom into it and shape it into a plan that represents your taking your place as a wise elder in the world. You are not decrepit, useless and old; you are invested with wisdom that the world needs and which will strengthen and benefit you and the world

Unless you plan is to have no plan and drift without meaningful purpose and engagement in your personal and community life, you must get busy living a great Third Age life.

We will work together as part of a your Wisdom program to assess the first two-thirds of your life, the lessons that you can now see you were here in this life to learn, and how you can make “adjustments” to get yourself exactly where you want to be in life.

Here is where your accumulated wisdom will come into play. You will not go gentle into “old age”. You will vibrantly and victoriously embrace and engage in the third of your life where you don’t have that steep learning curve. Sure you can learn new things but you have accumulated much in your life (or should ha60yearoldwomanve) in your head and heart and now can give it back and enjoy life at the same time.

  • We will have FOUR sessions together
  • We will keep in touch in between sessions by email.
  • You will have exercises/homework to do in between sessions
  • You will be empowered to devise a plan for an active and vibrant Third Age
  • Enroll by November 11, 2016 at 11:59PM (PT) and get a FREE BONUS — 4 weekly coaching followup support sessions
  • I will journey with you as you conceive and create tangible “evidence” of your wisdom of life

**If you did not do your legacy work between 49-52 and would like to backtrack and accomplish that, you can get 50% off that program and we can do the two together, for an 8 week program

Enroll today and let’s get started on your first of four sessions.


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