Your 30s: Commitment Brings Clarity

Your 30s: Commitment Brings Clarity

Commitment Brings Clarity

Turning 30 is a significant turning point because it is when you shift from young adult to a full adult. You are no longer an older adolescent learning the ropes; you are a full-fledged adult responsible for your decisions and expected in society to take full charge of life. This is different form when you graduated from undergraduate school or when you started a career or traveled the world alone with your backpack in your mid-20s. Now you need to make a solid commitment to Life. Specifically, in our “Commitment” work together you will be empowered  over four (4) sessions and able to:

  • Determine your core values
  • Understand which area(s) of life must undergo change now
  • Take specific steps to create your personal brand (professional/personal)
  • Understand the true meaning of freedom
  • Deepen and seriously re-examined your commitments and overall commitment to life
  • Gain insight about which situations and/or people are appearing in your life as your call to growth
  • Understand this time period in relation to your next 15 and 30 years
  • Discover wisdom, discipline, forbearance and a sense of hope and joy about life
  • Open door to effectively  take your life where you want it to go

At 29, my life was not working. I hated my job and had bad finances. What I tried to make would not happen. I blamed my girlfriend and my parents. I was angry at my friends for no longer being the same. I was lying to myself and others. Being Danish, life is a youth party even when you are 28, 29, 31, maybe because we are still in university. Then suddenly we are to be adults — but society has not taught us how to be an adult along the way. We have a problem in the Danish society. However, by doing the Commitment program, I came to see how I broke my life and how I needed to change. Things are much better now in my relationship, my finances and with my future. Thank you, Barrett. – Peter T.

Over 4 sessions, I can give you effective and personalized guidance so you can make good life choices. I won’t tell you what to do; I will help you get clarity so YOU can make the decisions. I will empower you to pinpoint your challenges and find positive solutions. If you are willing to do the work, you will leave our work together with clear direction and effective tools for creating a powerful and creative adult life.

Commitment sessions are $297. Ready to change? Ready to commit? Book your session now

Have questions?Book your 15-minute free discovery session with me (CLICK HERE)so we can determine if you are ready to make the change in your life and move forward. I will call you and we can chat. Then if you are ready, we can get you enrolled in your first session!

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