Your Firestarter

The majority of people are living on a treadmill, numbly walking through life. They put in 50% (or less) and feel angry and frustrated when they do not get much in return.

Giving It All

Giving it all is what gets results. Put in 100% or more in this moment, on this day. Over time you will see an increase in your passion, your joy, your abundance and the world around you will be transformed. When you only give a part of what you have, when you hold back., life holds back on you. You cannot expect to get all you desire when you are only willing to give half of what you’ve got.

Giving it all is about making a commitment. Making a commitment is what helps you get grounded and focused on your goal. When you comit to something then you are telling the Universe/Creator/Spirit that this is important and you are serious about it. Commitment followed by action and faith takes you to the goal. But soimetimes it is difficult to get the fire going, to light the passion within you.


I am a master at seeing the potential in people and empowering them to manifest it. Would you like me to do that with you? I am an expert at helping people liek you light the flame and keep it burning through life’s transitions, challenges and obstacles. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? I will empower you in finding your particular spark and turing it ont a fiery passion that propels your forward to your goal.

Work With Me

I especially enjoy working with people the Commitment (28-30), Opportunity (37-44), Legacy (49-52) and Wisdom (56-60) stages of life. If you are experiencing your blocks and challenges because of you work-life blend at any age I can help you with that, too. Women in leadership (or who want to be leaders) and desire to reach excellence can also find great support and make progress in working with me.

If you want me to be your Firestarter and help you do this, I invite you to coach with me. Send me an email today at barrett (at) today

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