Your Time To Rise

Your Time To Rise

You were born with certain natural gifts and you have had the ability to learn new skills from birth. All these years you have been accumulating these skills on top of your gifts. Have you been using them? What have you done with them? How have you served your kindred human beings?

You Are An Alchemist

Your purpose is created in the magical mix of your gifts, talents and skills. Through alchemy, you have mixed and integrated them. Now you must find the courage to use them, to share them with the world. You must find the courage to rise out of the muck and more of a world that is constantly, somewhere and somehow, in conflict. You have have the ability to affect change through rising out of that confusion and chaos and shining your light on others. This is your legacy.


Legacy is my signature coaching program (soon to be converted into a course as I did with Opportunity. I am working on it!) course that I have taught online for two decades. It was originally designed for those of a certain age but the content, I realize, is valuable at any age. (In fact, let me give you a heads up that a few years ago I began putting the four programs together and am working on a project to bring it ALL to you!) At its core, it is about being able to rise from the ashes, to reflect, review, regenerate and redesign your life to disseminate the essence of all that you are through other people. Opportunity introduces you to the  entrepreneurship and how it can transform your adult life as you enter early midlife and midlife.

Take Your Legacy Further

Legacy takes it further, delving deep into how you must deal with the dramatic effects of severe life changes and how you can come out of this experience with purpose and depth to create a new and vital life for yourself through entrepreneurship. Not only that, the life you create is even more authentic than before, is a purpose-driven mission and is fuled by your knowledge and acceptance that you have only so much time to connect and share with others in this lifetime.

Go Deeper With Your Legacy

Legacy is about creating a lifestyle brand (YOU) where you have financial freedom, connected relationships, living a passionate and authentic life on your terms anywhere at any time. People want what you have – but you must go deep and have the desire courage, discipline and often, the help, to make it happen.

Anytime, Anywhere

For many years I have served people around the world, empowering them in this way as I created my own brand and traveled the world, living the life of my dreams. People talk about it and never do it. I have done it.

I have worked via laptop and telephone/mobile phone from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Denmark, Israel, Egypt, the UK, the USA, Germany, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands and more. I have impacted the lives of many around the globe.

I have been a lifestyle entrepreneur for many years, before anyone knew what that was, and succeeded at leveling up my life. I have experienced many of my dreams coming true. Now, I want to achieve my goal of helping 100 million people worldwide do what I have done, live the life I have lived, without having as many of the challenges and obstacles I did (although, as Edith Piaf sang, “Je ne regrette rien” — I regret nothing). Yes, you too can be a lifestyle entrepreneur and create a life where you work abroad, or anywhere, anytime.

Now, I want to be your coach, focus on helping you heal and overcome any wounds/weakness that hinder your progress and help you achieve all your dreams!

If you are ready to coach with me and get started on the life of your dreams, email me at barrett[at]barrettcpowell[dot]com


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